White Sox Baseball 2005
Oddly Optimistic....

Three days 'til Christmas, December 22, 2004. Today is the day that I officially go into White Sox mode. This year it came earlier than normal. I was surprised. The signing of EL Duque!!!!! Brought this years newfound optimism, and a hope and desire to see those Twins rott in a carpeted hell. From my standpoint right now the outlook is good:

El Duque

3B-Crede (Still time to jump on the bandwagon and join the Crede Crew)

Also, there is word that the southsiders are interested in the midget who I really pissed off last year, David Eckstein. That would be an ample substitution, moving Uribe to the two bag while Crede could continue to patrol the hot corner. This also leaves the possibility of Uribe moving to the hot corner to replace Crede, if necessary. This is a very sound defensive team, and the pitching staff might be the best in the American League when it is all said and done, with 4 20 game winners on the roster and a gem in the rough in Garland ( Remember when he no hit the underrated EXPOS (Washington Nationals) through 8 innings?). Put that up against any other rotation and I can make a case. Yankees, old, Red Sox, injured, Twins, one guy. No question, anyone in the sox rotation could be an ace on another major league club.

I'm serious, there is still time to join the Crede Crew, we meet on the fan deck most every game, we carry membership cards. It's a nice very clean, very drunk orgainization. a3punk@yahoo.com

"If they offered a test about being a good friend. I'd put money down that you'd surely flunk"

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